Wednesday, April 27, 2005

How to be a good teacher?

No, I am not crazy... This is the name of one of the last chapters that I have to study for my English subject... But, this is too the name of my new post. I think that a good teacher must be funny but serious, flexible but strict, a balance between the responsibility and the emphaty. In order to give more extrinsic motivation, he or she must know their pupils, speaking with them, considering their qualities and their constrains... It is so difficult to be a good teacher... In my opinion his class can be predictability, but it is very important the surprise factor, do you know? To get doing an interesting classes is one of his most important goals, and when you love your job, this is an almost non-existent problem. If you don't trust your students, you don't count on their help. To sum up, I want to be a good teacher, and I Know the personal characteristics that I must have...

I can get it and I will get it!!!!
(lol, lol, lol)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I feel good

Hi everybody!

Today, I feel that my life is perfect. Have you ever feel that your life is very happy and anything can change it? I feel it today. The sun shines, my friends are with me, my family loves me,... This is one of the best moments of my life. I am very happy for this. I know that everybody have got some problems (more or less) and I too, of course. But my problems are superficial, they are forgotten when the years say "bye, bye". I won't worry for them.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


I never have a lot of time, but I think write here can help me to explain my feeling, something about me, something about my little world. This blog is a good idea in order to show me how I am and show you how I want to be. I am very happy with myself but, I sometimes feel that I have to be more patient, calm, a pacific person... When I was a little girl, I want to have the best friend that somebody had never seen... My dreams came true. Besides I have got a perfect family (thanks to my mum and my daddy), I chose well my futur, my friends are the best... But, appart of these dreams, today I have other one... It's important for me to be always with them.

People (other people who I do not love) do not matter me. My friends, my family, my studies, my life...That's all that matters. I am not worried about other things. I feel good.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Our party

Yesterday we celebrated our party, do you remember this? It was almost perfect. It was not cold but we prefered to be at home before to go out. I never drink, I am sorry, I almost never drink... Because of this, it was enough a glass of wine and... I fell ill. It was the last time that I drank something, I can not drink anything. Drink is worse.

We had a dinner, we listened to the music, we watched on Tv "Your life's house" (Normally I don't like this kind of programs, but yesterday everything was fun for me)... I enjoyed very much with this party.

Then, we went to the disco in order to enjoy dancing and speaking with the other friends. I met a lot of people yesterday! It will be difficult for me to forget the last night.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

I am like I am

Hello everybody!

My name is Tamara and I am from Talavera (Toledo - Spain). I am very happy because I am here! Today is the fifth day that I try to do it, but... I have already arrived. I am nineteen years old and I study at the university of Toledo in order to be English teacher. Because of this, I like practising my English as frequently as I can.

Now, I am in the university's computer room and my classmates are here too. Everybody is writting in their blogs! Tonight I am going to celebrate a party in my flat because thursdays are very important in student's life. I live with three friends: Lour, Ana and Cris. We are very nervous because the party will be very hasty and it will come a lot of people. I think that it is possible about fifteen or twenty (apart from us). Yesterday I went to the cinema and we chose "Hitch" with Will Smith... It's a very good film and I recommend you!

See you!